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OK lets go through a cylinder repair


1:- login your cylinder, it's most important that you get your cylinder and all it's parts back
All cylinders and parts get their own identification number


2:- Assess damage


3:- Remove parts- where possible all steel parts must be removed or masked to prevent damage

parts for removal

4:- Bead Blast Cylinder; no oil or carbon is allowed to enter the plating room.

cleaned before plating

5:- Strip old plating; a chemical strong enough to dissolve steel and nickel is used for this.

old plating removed

6:- Weld cracks & scores


7:- Bore to clean weld or for a big bore piston kit.

machined after weld


8:- Pre-hone to remove all tool marks; if there is any imperfections left the plating will follow them; & chamfer port edges

pre-plate hone & chamfer


9:- plate the cylinder with nickel silicon carbide (you can see where that brand name comes from)

plating room plated


10:- clean the cylinder after plating & strip the excess plating

flashing stripped


11:- Remove excess plating from edges of ports and bottom of cylinder.

excess removed from ports

12:- bead blast for that new look

bead blast after plating

13:- hone the cylinder with diamond tooling

diamond honed

14:- chamfer ports, dress head gasket surface. If you send the power valves with the cylinder we can check that there is no plating build up to make them stick.

final port chamfer

15:- Check and pack; bore is check for size specification; imperfections; chamfers for size. All parts that came with the cylinder are checked and counted (they are recorded in a database)

final check & pack



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